Scheduled For Release 2023-03-17
Changes that may affect the game's balance / scoring, rendering the current leaderboards unbeatable.
0002049: [Infinitode 2] Problems with Tesla's Ultimate (therainycat)
0001701: [Infinitode 2] Leaderboard % label glitches in-game (therainycat)
0001836: [Infinitode 2] 2nd poison tower doesn't re-target to apply multiple stacks of poison.(target priority set to "first") (therainycat)
0001797: [Infinitode 2] Basic ult cloned xp can provide much higher levels to gauss self improvement (therainycat)
0001765: [Infinitode 2] ball lightning (tower ability) hit fighter (therainycat)
0002202: [Infinitode 2] Portal's enemy Configuration isn't loaded correctly (therainycat)
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