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0002287Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2024-02-20 20:09
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Target Version1.9.0 (Season 3)Fixed in Version 
Summary0002287: Indirectly forced / not-so-fun routines required to get high scores that need to be redesigned

Sometimes game's rules and mechanics may force a player to constantly repeat some action or even pause the game and count frames in order to receive a slightly higher score.
While such actions may be considered a pro-move and a sign of a high skill, they require a lot of labor and make gameplay slow / turn the game into an actual work which is far from a joyful experience we need.

Please report such cases in the comments

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play the game trying to get a higher place on the leaderboard
  2. Take note of any situation which requires you to pause the game and perform actions carefully / count frames / perform any kind of a boring micromanagement / abuse some mechanics
Additional Information

Use existing comments as an example

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2023-12-20 23:53

administrator   ~0002173

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Tactic: Not calling waves early to regenerate more ability energy (reported by: Cinex)
Description: ability energy generation has a constant rate, not affected by early wave calls. Some stages of a game heavily rely on abilities and disabling the early wave call may be beneficial, as it allows to generate more energy and call abilities earlier (in comparison to the amount of enemy waves spawned)
Why bad:

  • game lasts longer and player may end up waiting for ability energy while all enemies are killed, staring on an empty screen and a dropping bonus coins counter for an early wave call
  • early wave calls already affect mining speed and some other bonuses as a partial fix but ability energy mechanic does not benefit from it, looking more like a bug
    Possible fix: (suggested by EuphoRowan) make ability energy benefit from 2x bonus multiplier which already affects passive coin generation and some other bonuses


2023-12-21 00:00

administrator   ~0002174

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Tactic: Constantly changing the targeting for a strong tower to prevent it from attacking and let weaker towers farm some XP (reported by: Cinex)
Description: towers receive most of their XP for the enemies they kill. Naturaly, the strongest tower will kill most enemies and "steal" precious XP from a weaker towers, not allowing them to level up effectively. In order to prevent this, players may need to switch the aiming strategy of the strongest tower in order to prevent it from attacking and "stealing" XP from the weaker towers
Why bad: player needs to click on the aiming strategy button constantly and it does not work perfectly unless the game is completely paused and aim mode switch is being performed on every frame. Not only it requires a lot of manual labor and slows down the gameplay, it also produces a lot of garbage in the replay
Possible fix: (suggested by EuphoRowan) add an aiming mode / button to disable any tower manually. Should also help save Gauss resources.



2023-12-21 00:14

administrator   ~0002175

Tactic: Using 10x Overload for a high score almost on every map
Description: Top leaderboard scores are only possible with Overload - players are basically forced to use it if they want to compete
Why bad:

  • This is the only go-to strategy for the highest score and there should be different (at least one) ways to achieve a high score
  • Player is forced to use Overload, meaning it will always take an ability slot
  • Overload must be used with a perfect timing on a specific wave, otherwise the player won't survive until it ends - no diversity at all
    Possible fix: (far from ideal, needs discussuin) limit Overload stack size or bonuses


2024-01-03 01:38

administrator   ~0002178

Partially resolved 2 out of 3 issues, needs testing

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