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0002217Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-04-22 11:59
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Summary0002217: Wave predictions break when loading a game on a custom map

If I start a game on my custom map, quit to main menu and reload the game, the wave prediction table breaks and starts displaying fake waves (see attachment).

Steps To Reproduce
  • Load up the attached save file (not sure if this .bin is enough)
  • Start a game on the Tesla custom map
  • Go to Main Menu, then Continue
  • Click on the portal => Waves. The waves in the pop-up don't match the waves in the sidebar (which are correct)
Additional Information

Can't reproduce on a story map or the second custom map in the savefile, so I think it's specific to my map/portal/whatever.

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2023-04-22 11:59

reporter   ~0002117

I suspect attachments from earlier didn't make it, trying again.

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