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0002270Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-09-27 10:10
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Product Version1.8.10 
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Summary0002270: Laser 3rd skill makes charge longer than normal

Suppose the laser will charge in 1 second and then upgrade the 3rd ability of laser after it attacks, the next charge will become longer than 1 second.
And the 2nd next charge will become normal again.

Steps To Reproduce

1.Build a laser
2.Upgrade the 3rd of laser

Additional Information

Probabaly reason:
Laser battery capacity is a value A, and charging speed is calculated by laser battery capacity_A,cauesd it is a % value, may be called B
Another value C is set to count whether charge is over.
install 3rd ability ==> laser battery capacity_A*=3 and charging speed_B don't change.
then in update=function()
C+=charging speed_B,
if C>laser battery capacity_A then C=0, and laser attack
in the next loop:
charging speed_B is calculated again so it becomes normal.

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