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0002049Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-03-18 00:02
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Target Version1.9.0 (Season 3)Fixed in Version 
Summary0002049: Problems with Tesla's Ultimate

There are 2 problems that I found while using Tesla's Ultimate Skill. Below is a list of problems encountered:

  • The Electric Orbs from Tesla's Ultimate Skill do NOT give Experience Points
  • When the Electric Orbs kill enemies, they do NOT count towards the Enemies Killed by Tower quests AND probably Damage Dealt by Tower, as well as the Kill Count Stats on the tower menu.
Steps To Reproduce

Step 1: Place a Tesla and bring it to LVL 20
Step 2: Equip the Ultimate Skill and then form some Electric Orbs (better if there's lots of them)
Step 3: Observe the quest for damage dealt and/or kills by Tesla (you can also observe the kills in the tower menu if you have Extra Statistics)

Additional Information

It's best to have Tesla placed far from the portal and on the Damage Platforms (e.g. Level 5-1) to reproduce this. The LVL 10 Skill can form Electric Orbs. Keep in mind that you may need to place other towers for enemies that Tesla can't target. For Enemies Killed specifically, it can also be done on the custom maps by observing the kill count on the tower menu.

My theory for why this happens is that the Electric Orbs from Tesla is similar to the Ball Lightning Ability, since they act the same. I can suggest that having different colors for those two can help determine which is from what (like Yellow Orbs if it is from the ability, and Indigo Orbs if it is from Tesla), and probably have different codes for them.

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2022-03-13 10:22

reporter   ~0001980

this problem is the same as issue#2022.
they are treated separately.



2022-03-13 13:27

reporter   ~0001982

Well, my suggestion is that the damage from Tesla's Electric Orbs should NOT count towards the requirement for forming a new orb, but should still count towards the Damage Dealt by tower AND Enemies Killed by tower quests.

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