Scheduled For Release 2022-09-01
0002213: [Infinitode 2] Game crashes in map editor (therainycat)
0001815: [Infinitode 2] venom's Poisonous cloud not activating crystal's effect in 6.1 (therainycat)
0001880: [Infinitode 2] Stakey's tail does not take bonus damage from LOIC (therainycat)
0001968: [Infinitode 2] Last Quest not revealed in quest list (therainycat)
0002053: [Infinitode 2] experience modifier drain the resource but don't increase xp in easy mode (therainycat)
0000591: [Infinitode 2] Problems with watching ads (therainycat)
0002002: [Infinitode 2] Profile display adds margin for second row of badges before you have enough for a second row (therainycat)
0002137: [Infinitode 2] [1.8.7] XP modifiers give less XP than claimed (therainycat)
0002173: [Infinitode 2] Sniper makes a giant beam of light when turning on bullets. (therainycat)
0002136: [Infinitode 2] [1.8.7] Gauss refuses to rotate (therainycat)
0001832: [Infinitode 2] Sell for prestige visual bug (therainycat)
0001800: [Infinitode 2] profile and pause button overlap eachother (therainycat)
0001778: [Infinitode 2] "Excess" tower XP display is actually showing total tower XP rather than amount over the max. (therainycat)
0002135: [Infinitode 2] When using a research token for teh dev mode research, there want be a warning about the dev mode (therainycat)
0002138: [Infinitode 2] [1.8.7] Game still reacts to hotkeys while typing in the dev console (therainycat)
0002140: [Infinitode 2] [1.8.7] Gauss refuses to rotate (therainycat)
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