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0002137Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-03-18 15:40
ReporterZiHeLL Assigned Totherainycat  
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Target Version1.8.8Fixed in Version1.8.8 
Summary0002137: [1.8.7] XP modifiers give less XP than claimed

XP modfiers cannot trigger more than once a frame per miner they are attached to. This means at 1800+ mining speed, XP modifier will produce less XP than it should.
This issue did not exist in 1.8.6 and lower.

Steps To Reproduce

Get a miner with over 1800 total speed (preferably way higher than 1800), connect it to a tower with an XP modifier.
After that, either play the game frame-by-frame - tower will only get one XP modifier trigger worth of XP per frame, or leave the game running on any speed and then calculate how much XP should the tower have received using resources in the miner VS how much XP it actually got.

Additional Information

Since this issue did not exist on 1.8.6 and prior, and this value (900+ speed with double speed time) can be reached in normal mode (100% density Scalar, 3+ mining modifiers, level 5 miner, 10 overloads), it affects leaderboards.

TagsBug, Impossible scores, Leaderboards, Modifiers


Michael Ganzer

Michael Ganzer

2022-09-06 23:21

reporter   ~0002055

I highly recommend the status of this ticket to be visible for unregistered users (had to register + login bc I wanted to report it as well). I reduced gameplay to dailies, already, bc stepping up the leaderboard is affected significantly.

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