0001568: [Infinitode 2] Can't finish decrypting cyan chest for free (therainycat)
0000547: [Infinitode 2] Current game resets even if research is impossible (administrator)
0001592: [Infinitode 2] First wave-quest on level 6.2 gives 100 green boxes (therainycat)
0000589: [Infinitode 2] Only one legendary card in costume mode?!?! (administrator)
0001628: [Infinitode 2] Indicator for miners in custom maps that are only mining for score or gauss ammo, but not for actual resources (therainycat)
0001632: [Infinitode 2] too many barrier in custom map makes the game crash (therainycat)
0001641: [Infinitode 2] Support button does nothing (therainycat)
0001656: [Infinitode 2] wave milestone appear lower at lower ui scale (therainycat)
0000670: [Infinitode 2] The game is saying something about ASSOCIATED RESEARCH to unlock MAP EDITOR! How do I install associated research? (therainycat)
0001474: [Infinitode 2] icon for "amount of damage affected enemies take (blizzard)" is unfit (therainycat)
0001481: [Infinitode 2] earned items (therainycat)
0001492: [Infinitode 2] Crusher taking enemies while disabled (therainycat)
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