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0002400Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2024-05-17 19:43
ReporterTrialistiC Assigned Totherainycat  
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PlatformDesktopOSWindowsOS VersionAny
Product Version1.9.0 (Season 3) 
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Summary0002400: In-level quests appearing on top of each other when exiting and entering the level

In-level quests appearing on top of each other when exiting and entering the level

Steps To Reproduce

Exit from level then continue from main menu

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2024-05-14 13:09


image.png (64,800 bytes)
image.png (64,800 bytes)


2024-05-14 13:15

reporter   ~0002377

They also appear regardless of whether they were hidden when exiting or not

image-2.png (47,006 bytes)
image-2.png (47,006 bytes)
image-3.png (42,417 bytes)
image-3.png (42,417 bytes)


2024-05-14 14:45

administrator   ~0002378

Also only completed quests are affected



2024-05-14 15:06

administrator   ~0002379

For some reason, I can't reproduce it



2024-05-15 00:28

reporter   ~0002380

For me (Android), it does look like in this bug report, but only visible very short when going frame by frame, the quests instantly separate each other with an animation and look fine.
A strange thing is that the wave quest always showed as uncompleted (state from before starting this game), every time i reopened. The other quests stayed always completed.
When unpausing the reopened game, the reverted wave quests would all re-complete themselves (slower when the gametime is slowmotion) and properly vanish except for the current one as they should.
Attached is a short clip of the animation as it happens for me, looks fine to me.
However this wave-quest thing is not entirely only visual, i tried what happens when you end game without unpausing: The wave quests are correctly gone afterwards even though they were not shown as completed during the game, but you actually get scammed of their rewards (except for one wave quest, which completes between pressing the "end game" button and the game actually ending - seems like a bit of time passes there). So you could in theory lock yourself out of unique wave quest rewards.

video_2024-05-14_22-41-48.mp4 (1,784,328 bytes)


2024-05-15 10:18

administrator   ~0002381

Quests are fed into the game while it is running, they are not stored in the replay - wave quests behave as expected.



2024-05-17 19:43

reporter   ~0002434

I don't really know if I should report this as a separate issue, but I get a similar issue to this one where upon continuing a level, and pressing unpause, causes all the previous quests that I've completed to briefly pop up, with some award icons appearing alongside them.

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