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Summary0002219: Tesla ball lightning not counting towards tesla kills missions

When you have Tesla spawn a ball lightning (ultimate ability), when the ball lightning kills something, it doesn't count as a kill towards quests that require Tesla to kill a certain number of enemies. This basically renders this ability useless, because the ball lightnings will take almost every kill, nerfing your progress heavily. I have no idea if this is intentional or not, but since it is the Tesla's ball lightning, I think it should count towards kill quests.

Steps To Reproduce

1: Find a level with a kill quest for Tesla
2: Place ONLY a Tesla and level it up to level 20
3: Select it's ultimate ability
4: Wait for it to spawn a ball lightning
5: Watch as enemies come out but the mission progress increases every 5-ish kills (depending on the number of ball lightnings)
6: Be sad :(

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duplicate of 0002049 resolvedtherainycat Problems with Tesla's Ultimate 




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Technically it applies the "Ball lightning" ability, which counts as an ability kill and there's nothing wrong with it, but its connection to Tesla is misleading indeed. Keeping this issue for the future thinking - can't say for sure how it'll get fixed because this ability will be reworked in Season 3



2023-05-09 20:43

administrator   ~0002122

Quest can be completed by keeping your Tesla tower from reaching level 20 or by selecting the "Powerful" ability instead

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