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0000254Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2020-10-01 16:47
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Target Version1.6.0Fixed in Version1.6.0 
Summary0000254: Crash when reloading long games.

Hello. I have been getting crashes when reloading in progress games that are unusually long and in which many towers are builded and etc, and no matter how much time I try to load it for, it just doesn't. When it's around 6/10 of the progress bar on the loading screen of the current game, it just freezes and crashes. For the moment, it has happened to me on level 5.5 over 200 waves and on customs with over 200 waves. These crashes are frustating as I lose all progress of that current game since I'm unavible to load it and therefore have to start a new game, resulting in lost time spent on the game in cuestion. Please do something about the reloading long games system. I don't belive my terminal is the issue as it's a Huawei P30 and I never have any kind of issues with it.
Thank you.

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2019-11-24 07:50

reporter   ~0000162

Can you take a look at the problems with the number 0000243 and 0000247 id?

Maybe it'il contain some useful information.

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