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0002440Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2024-06-07 18:24
Reporterjoaopistori Assigned To 
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Product Version1.9.0 (Season 3) 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002440: Level 5.5 experience modifier building menu bug

Level 5.5 has two experience modifiers already placed on the map. If your research doesn't allow 2 or more experience modifiers, the menu icon becomes "active" and clickable (it does nothing, however). Once the research upgrade is level 2 (allowing two experience modifiers to be placed on the map), it correctly shows the button deactivated and the red number 0 of available modifiers.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Reset "Modifier - EXPERIENCE" research if it's level 2 or more
2) Start level 5.5
3) Open modifiers building menu

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2024-05-31 21:56


level_5_5_bug.png (314,674 bytes)


2024-06-07 18:24

reporter   ~0002493

The same happened with a miner on DQ5 map. I had built the 3 V2-CTR (of 3 available) and after getting a bonus where a miner is installed for free on a random tile ("-1" available miners to build), the menu button became active. It doesn't allow for building another miner, but becomes visually incorrect.

building_menu_miner_bug.png (452,204 bytes)

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