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Summary0002418: The reward curve for loot frequency is unreasonable.
    These images show the results I obtained by only changing the loot frequency and loot rarity. Let's look at the data for loot rarity at level 100. The loot frequency at level 90 is only 1 times higher than the loot frequency at level 0, but the loot frequency at level 100 is 7 times higher than level 0. I feel this is very unreasonable. Players spend 95% of the game time upgrading loot frequency from level 0 to level 90, but they don't get a return on their investment that matches their effort. Instead, in the last ten levels, they get several times more loot than the previous ninety levels. This will confuse new players. Players who haven't watched tutorial videos don't know how to progress in the game, because the amount of loot they get doesn't change much no matter what technology they upgrade. Players who have watched the tutorials know they need to go such a long way to get high returns, and they may directly lose interest in the game.
    As for the loot rarity, I feel the design is relatively reasonable. My testing showed that when the rarity level is between 60 and 70, the quality of the loot is almost entirely legendary. I can only say that in the face of such an unreasonable loot frequency, the loot rarity can still provide players with a glimmer of hope.
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My ideas:

①The loot frequency reward curve should be more gradual and exponential, instead of a sudden large jump at the higher levels.

②Introduce some "Loot Boom" increases in loot at certain frequency levels (25, 50, 75, 95) to provide more tangible progress for players as they upgrade.

③If you feel the modified loot frequency is too powerful, you can appropriately weaken the loot rarity as well.

This would make the loot progression feel more balanced and rewarding throughout the leveling process, rather than heavily backloaded towards the endgame.

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