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0002409Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2024-05-20 20:33
ReporterZiHeLL Assigned Totherainycat  
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Product Version1.9.0 (Season 3) 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002409: Various tower vs enemy efficiency complaints

Abilities that allow towers to attack air enemies - specifically, for Multishot and Missile - are not only underwhelming on their own, only adding 100% damage vs Heli, the easier flier, and 50/25% respectively vs Jet, the harder flier, but also they make their towers have really bad effectiveness by default, missing out on ability to even damage some of the essential enemies and having low totals in general.
Venom and FT and beta both have 800% total damage excluding Bosses, both don't attack air and a rare enemy type. Multishot and Missile have 0000799:0000700% total damages with air and bosses excluded, also not attacking air by default, but also not attacking a common enemy on top of that.

With how dominant Gauss is in lategame, it itself basically dictates which towers are good or not with its efficiencies against enemies. Anything Gauss cannot deal with, nothing can - and then that's where the abilities are used.
Gauss dealing 25% to fast enemies makes them very frustrating, while some enemies are completely unthreatening. And the second most expensive and space-efficient tower, Missile, cannot attack them at all, so fasts become the bane of everything.

Additional Information

Jet is like a flying Fast, it would make a lot more sense if Multishot dealt 150% damage to it. Missile could do 150% to heli and get an extra 25% to Regular (25%->50%)
Smooth out the Gauss damage efficiency distribution:

  • all 150% damage effectivenesses -> 125%
  • all 50% damages (except boss) -> 75%
  • all 25% damages (fast only) -> 50%
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2024-05-17 15:25

trusted_reporter   ~0002401

Interesting accidental formatting.
Restating my point: Multishot and Missile have roughly 700% total enemy efficiency, excluding air as it can't be attacked by default, and Bosses since almost everything deals 100% to those, and they are rare. Both towers also don't attack a common enemy each - Fast and Strong respectively.



2024-05-17 15:47

trusted_reporter   ~0002405

I'm in favor of Gauss's damage efficiency change, due to Gauss's strong late-game dominance, its efficiency directly determines what enemies are difficult to deal with and what enemies are not threatening.



2024-05-19 17:53

administrator   ~0002466

Considering the planned changes for Gauss which affect the way its damage affects its efficiency vs different enemy types, I will ignore it in this issue for now.

Speaking of other towers - Multishot and Missile:

  • I agree on increasing their efficiency vs flying enemies. Missile vs Jet 25% -> 50% and Missile vs Heli 100% -> 150% should make it feel more natural and will make it an alternative to Anti-air
  • Not sure about Multishot vs Jet though - we have Tesla which shreads Jets pretty effectively and this enemy can become too weak with a buff to Multishot
  • Increasing Missile vs Regular efficiency from 25% to 50% may also be a positive change - I thought of making Regular enemies vulterable to everything so it fits the plan


2024-05-20 20:26

reporter   ~0002477

Missile is an explosion based tower and is therefore more effective against enemies that commonly spawn in very dense crowds. Currently those enemies are: regular, fasts, toxic, icy, light. In addition, strong dps towers are super effective against strongs (the enemy), sniper, tesla, missile, all have 150, gauss, venom 100. I would suggest moving missile's effectiveness against strongs to fasts, as strong dps towers also typically do not do as well against fasts as they do the other 2 common enemies (regular, strong).

I understand if you wish to keep missile stronger against late game enemies, as it feels like a late game tower, which is why I suggested an exchange of efficencies.

I am also in favor with allowing multishot to damage strongs, even if it has to sacrifice efficency against another enemy. Multishot already scales very poorly and gaining efficency against one of the 3 most common common enemies would perhaps make up partially for this weakness.

In terms of gauss efficency, making other towers (that have damage compareable to gauss) more effective against fasts should help solve the problem. *ahem. Missile.

I would also like to point out that toxics, which can heal themselves and are immune to smoke bomb and venom (one of the strongest abilities and towers), also happen to spawn in waves that put significantly more hp/second and total hp on the board than any other enemy. I understand that they are a late game enemy and should feel perhaps more difficult, but in my totally unbiased opinion (i hate toxics), perhaps a hp reduction or enemy count per wave reduction would help.



2024-05-20 20:33

reporter   ~0002478

Toxics, when alone, always spawn in crowd waves, and always have more total hp/wave than any other enemy.

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