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0002281Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-11-20 10:30
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Summary0002281: Flame tower bug

The flame tower does not show the attack . It did show when I first installed , once I did some research on it and play any level it does nnot show the flame attack. The tower still attacks and does damage , I just cannot see the animation for the attack, its been like this for the majority of the time I have played this game

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Every single game it does this , it only started after I did some flame tower research upgrades

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Game is awesome �

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2023-11-20 08:42

reporter   ~0002162

check if you had particles turned off



2023-11-20 10:30

reporter   ~0002163

Thank You, Fixed issue, A description in the options menu to describe what draw particles means would help a lot, I could have fixed issue myself without using forum, I must have knocked it off by mistake and never realised.

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