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0002275Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-12-10 13:15
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Product Version1.8.10 
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Summary0002275: Archive lost

Archive lost
I remember playing it before, it should be before 2021, and the account level is also very high, but the previous archive is gone, can you help me get it back?

I uploaded a picture of my game in the attachment

ID: Drop_Lzh
playerid: U-U4H5-WD79-JRDPMT

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2023-10-16 11:07


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2023-10-17 05:02

reporter   ~0002160

try sending a mail to [email protected]



2023-12-10 13:15

administrator   ~0002164

We store cloud saves only for 6 months, more info here:
We also make backups of your progress, in case your local progress gets corrupted somehow and you upload it onto the cloud.
If you are going to abandon the game for 2 years, please remember that your progress will only be preserved on your device locally and we can not access / preserve / restore it.
The only exception is the Double Gain purchase, which is usually stored on Google / Apple servers or can be linked to your account through the game so it not gets lost.
In case you've lost your progress which is less than 6 months old, contact

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