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0002226Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-06-09 13:08
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Summary0002226: Researches resetting

I earned all stars and spent them in reserches. Them I reseted some branches. Now I will never ever buy all of the researches an will never be able to compete really with other players.
Playing the game like this doesn't make sense. There was no warning about the stars.

yours Sincerely Elisa

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2023-06-01 13:47

reporter   ~0002129

The game gives you your stars back though. Maybe you bought some expensive star research (like the quest slot) and therefore it seems like you researched less? Do you have any screenshots?



2023-06-09 13:08

administrator   ~0002130

It is not possible, all of the stars will be returned. If you don't believe that, just count all of the stars you've earned on the basic levels.

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