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0001972Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-04-09 16:25
ReporterZenTerran Assigned Totherainycat  
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PlatformMobileOSAndroidOS Version11
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.8.6 
Summary0001972: Music stops playing after a couple of seconds

One a minute crashed music in game.



has duplicate 0001993 closedtherainycat Music does not play after a few seconds 
has duplicate 0001997 closedtherainycat Music stops playing when game starts 
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2021-12-30 03:47

reporter   ~0001913

I have a similar issue. After starting the game I can hear around 3 seconds of the first music track before all music stops. I can open the music window and select a different track and the game tells me it plays the track but nothing can be heard. Music is not muted. I can hear every other sound effect like clicking buttons or base loosing health.
I believe the tracks are split into small parts and the game can't or won't play part 2 of the opening track but I can't confirm that.

Operating System is OnePlus 3t, Android Version 9, OxygenOS Version 9.0.6, Model OnePlus A3003. No system updates have been made.

The Issue started after I believe the last update. It's been 3 to 4 days since the music stopped. I tried emptying the cache, restarted the app multiple times, restarted the phone, played in offline and online mode. I read online that there are similar problems with the oneplus Battery Optimization. I have tried disabling and re-enabling that mode with no success. Still the same issue.

On reddit a few others have said that they have the same issue, all on oneplus phones. My first guess it has to do something with the device or the OS but I am no expert. I can send more data or test stuff if told what to do.



2022-01-02 17:27

reporter   ~0001924

I experience the same issue. Music stops playing a few seconds after a new game starts. R.1.8.5 (build 181)

Android 11 Redmi Note 10 Pro.



2022-01-02 17:35

reporter   ~0001925

Music stopping is a new bug in R.1.8.5 this was not happening in the previous version.



2022-01-13 19:33

reporter   ~0001930

The music also stops for no reason for me as well

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