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0001971Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-04-09 16:25
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.8.6 
Summary0001971: More Boosts on Early Wave Calls (Coin Generation / Loot drop rate)

1.) 2x Passive Coin Generation on Early Wave Calls

  • Self-Explanatory
    2.) Tower Experience Generation Boost on Early Wave Calls
  • Adds the max experience generation to the normal one (for understanding, if a tower has a max generation of 1.5 XP/s and the wave is called 15 seconds early, then the boost is +1.5 XP/s for 15 seconds, meaning that a tower with an Upgrade Level 5 with those stats will generate 2.25 XP/s for 15 seconds instead of the usual 0.75 XP/s).
Additional Information

Honestly, I had to stop calling waves early so I can get more coins from the Passive Coin Generation, but it gets boring, especially if the Wave Intervals are long (e.g. 35 seconds). Also, have an indicator where it shows the Passive Coin Generation Rate.

I suggested the second feature before (not in this tracker). Also, Before 1.8, placing towers late is a disadvantage since the generation is always constant. When I first suggested it, the boost was 2x Experience Generation. Now in 1.8, my suggestion is useless when towers are kept at Upgrade Level 0, so I changed it.

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2021-12-29 18:19

administrator   ~0001909

Moving this issue to the regular (bugs) category because it actually affects the gameplay.
As someone has stated on Reddit, loot drop rate is also not being affected by early wave calls so I agree that something like double mining speed should be implemented for both coins generation and loot drop rate. Early wave calls were not meant to punish players in any way

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