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0001884Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2021-12-13 20:30
ReporterEuphoRowan Assigned Totherainycat  
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.8.5 
Summary0001884: Explosion mechanic problem

Summary: explosion damage multiplier reduction from a single segment can/will effectively zero out all damage to all other segments in the explosion (rather than impacting just the immediately simultaneous ones). Testing from Swoosh and MrGimp have confirmed the problem behavior, and code examination by myself and Eyeballin'have also informed this report.

Background: as designed, enemies taking damage in an explosion segment will decrease a damage multiplier for that segment, as well as (to a somewhat lesser extent) decreasing the damage multiplier of the two adjacent segments. A single segment has an effective limit of about 4-5 enemies before that segment's multiplier will cause zero damage applied thereafter for going less than 5%.

The Problem: the multiplier impact is "traveling" further than it should, and is especially noticeable as it gets closer to zero. Damage reduction originating from one segment should stop at the immediate adjacent slices.

Suggested solution option 1: split each segment's damage reduction multiplier into two distinct multipliers. One for the component applied by enemies within the segment itself, and one for "adjacency reductions" applied by the immediately adjacent segments. Both would be used in the damage calculation for enemies in that segment, but only the in-segment multiplier would be applied to adjacent segments' "adjacent reduction" multiplier.

Suggested solution option 2: remove the reduction to adjacent segments entirely.

In either case, such a fix (acting s a buff rather than a "nerf"), could be implemented in the current season with no detrimental effects to the top scores possible in leaderboards.

Steps To Reproduce

Place high damage blast among very densely grouped weak enemies.

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2021-10-16 02:18

reporter   ~0001770

Screenshots from Swoosh

Screenshot_20211012-105353_Infinitode_2.png (1,757,716 bytes)
Screenshot_20211012-111537_Infinitode_2.png (1,977,807 bytes)
Screenshot_20211012-113421_Infinitode_2.png (1,719,677 bytes)


2021-10-16 02:20

reporter   ~0001771

Video from MrGimp (endless mode, but the principle is demonstrable in Normal, too):



2021-10-16 02:21

reporter   ~0001772

As clarification, this isn't new to 1.8.4, but was introduced in the explosion overhaul of 1.8



2021-12-13 20:30

administrator   ~0001827

There's nothing wrong with explosions - I've just checked them again, segment damage multipliers are calculated correctly.
The bug is actually related only to Blast - it has a limit on how many enemies can be stunned in one shot (= 3) and it stops looping through all of the remaining enemies when the limit is reached thus no damage is dealt to the other enemies (instead it had to continue inflicting damage but do not stun anymore).
Will be fixed in 1.8.5, should not affect the state of leaderboards (Blast has never been a main source of damage)

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