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0001750Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-03-17 20:18
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Summary0001750: Passive level bugs report

This bug is applied to all gamemodes, either normal or endless mode. The missions which contain at least a purple reward have a chance to give you a passive buff and effect to the base of that level, that you completed the mission. However when you check the effects of the base none of the buffs have not applied and it looks same as before, nor does it stack to an existing effect of the base

Steps To Reproduce

First try to get on any level, a mission which gives you a purple reward. Than complete the mission. When it's done, press end game to finish it fast. If you are lucky beside the normal purple reward, you may get a passive buff for the level you completed the mission. At the beginning of the game, if you press or click on the base, you can see the effects of it. If you dont see the buff that you received recently, if you dont see your recent buff there it means that you manage to make it

Additional Information

This has bug effects all missions which give you a purple reward passive buffs on any level. It doesnt effect the normal loot purple drops from the level. I have video but I can not upload on the files .





2021-06-17 16:35

administrator   ~0001672

Please upload your video on Youtube, I can't figure out what's wrong from your words



2021-06-18 00:54

reporter   ~0001675

Sounds like he's re-completing quests that would've had a bonus reward effect given already the first time around. Subsequent completions of that quest will still show the bonus effect in the game's loot (but the OP seems unaware either that he has earned it already and/or that the bonus from any given quest can only actually count once).

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