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Summary0001101: Online PvP idea

✓ Challenge mod: the player will press Challenge button --> then select game type --> then search, after finding appropriate opponent, the server will pick up a random map (not from story line ofc, both players don't know it), then a countdown counter of 1-2 minutes will start, during that the players will fastly check the map and its characteristics, if both players pressed "i'm ready" button the game will start even if the counter not zero yet.
There will be a small rectangle in the corner showing the opponent's progress, if the player presses it, will get enlarged (it shows what's going on in the opponent's map, up to date, towers types & levels, miners, the enemy's approach and how the towers deal with them ...etc, but not his coins or scores or lives) , but it will NOT be available (hidden) before wav 16 ( to prevent copy-paste a player to other)

✓ İnteraction: here we go, every specific number of waves, let's say 10 waves, the player can bother his opponent, these are examples of what he can do, the community could suggest more creative ideas later:

  • Sudden wave: the player can send unexpected enemy's wave to his opponent. so the opponent expects some wave as usual by checking the port, but he will get "surprised" with something else without any previous clue. The enemy in the sudden wave MUST be from the same type the port supports. most often this will not be effective in mid game ( except if the player noticed that his opponent was suffering from specific type of enemy), but rather in late game.
  • Freeze: the player can freeze a tower for very few seconds(with limitations & conditions)
  • Pushing: temporarily gives the enemy higher speed
  • Weakening: temporarily weakens all towers of specific type.
    This effects cost something, most often "coins" but it could be something else (ex resources) sometimes, it should be tested.

✓ Game types:
1- Short game (10 minutes game): the game ends after specific period(ex:10 min) or if the base is full for both players.
2- Standard game(highest prizes & rewards): the maps here look something like 5.x maps, usually the game lasts about 30 min or more.

✓The winner/how to win?
There are many ways to win, varies from game to another:
1- Who die last: regardless the score/wave(this means first player his "base is full" is the loser)
2- Highest score: regardless the time/ wave
3- Highest wave: regardless the score/ time ( who can survive till a higher wave is the winner)
Example1: short game/ who die first: the first player dies is the loser. if both players could survive for 10 min the game ends, then we gonna look at score to determine the winner.
Example2: short game/ highest score the game ends either if both players die or after 10 min, then looking at score to determine the winner ( regardless who die first)
Example3: standard game/ hit the score: the first player hits a specific score is the winner.

✓Prizes: entering this challenge costs something it could be energy, with max 3 energies (could increase by research) and charging speed, with refill ability using ads or cards or so. The winner's prize is valuable, and in normal case both players(winner and loser) will get what they farmed(gp, resources..etc) as well like any normal map.

✓AllOrNothing mod: if checked, if win--> he will get the prize+what he farmed+ what his opponent farmed as well. İf lose--> he will get shit, nothing.

✓Challenge your friend option: if a player knows an Id or name of another player he can write it in a text box then sending a challenge request, in this special mod it is ALLOWED to select specific map either from story line or from custom map or community's map.


1- low map numbers will ruin the idea behind this challenge. There must be HUNDREDS of random maps. The community's members could design majority of them, whereas Dev check them and make slight changes. The map pool must be hidden and not easily available. Adding new maps is always continuous process by active community's members.

2- "Pause" is NOT available, there is no ability to suspend the progress, and this is a big valuable issue and big difference from DQ, here there is no place for bullshit like pause sell build then pause resell rebuild...etc, if a player wants to sell a modifier or something that's fine as long as the enemy is moving on.

3- Unlike DQ where the player knows the map and map details very well and has the whole day to try, the map here supposed to be somewhat new to both players, so, the good experience and fast evaluation of map characteristics has the superior hand. There is only one chance!


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2020-12-15 07:41

reporter   ~0001043

Esta idea es muy buena, deben incluirla algún día al juego. El limite de oleadas será algo importante ya que, como bien saben los jugadores que pasan más de 100 oleadas, se vuelve un poco lento dependiendo del dispositivo en el que juegues.

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