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0002435Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2024-05-26 16:17
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Product Version1.9.0 (Season 3) 
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Summary0002435: Enemies ignore intended path and walk over modifiers

If Enemies Walk on Platforms is enabled, enemies can walk over modifiers and ignore the clear path made of road tiles.

Steps To Reproduce

See attached image.

Additional Information

Issue discovered by ReyKing on Discord:

TagsEndless, Modifiers




2024-05-25 22:29


20240525212746_1.jpg (123,023 bytes)
20240525212746_1.jpg (123,023 bytes)


2024-05-26 08:04

trusted_reporter   ~0002488

Modifiers aren't exactly seen as a blocker, they should be weighted. When the path is too long, modifiers can no longer block enemies. When there are too many modifiers, the enemy will go directly from the route with few towers, and the towers will not be able to block the enemy.



2024-05-26 11:34

reporter   ~0002489

Cinex : your screenshot is unfortunately too cropped, enemies may not have other choice due to barrier I guess but it's hard to tell with only this part of the map.



2024-05-26 11:49

trusted_reporter   ~0002490

Try it out for yourself, modifiers are now weighted. When the length of the road is greater than a certain value, it will exceed the weight of the individual modifiers, and the modifiers will no longer be able to block enemies. If there are too many modifiers, the weight of a single tower will be exceeded, and the tower will no longer be able to block enemies.



2024-05-26 16:17

trusted_reporter   ~0002491

Got trolled by the fullscreen bug, here's a better screenshot.

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