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0002432Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2024-05-24 22:56
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Product Version1.9.0 (Season 3) 
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Summary0002432: Flamethrower is not killing enemies

Flametrhower, level 6.3, abilities 1+3+ ult, is not killing enemies instantly, but rather leaving them on 0 hp for a little while before killing them. If enemies not meeting the threshold are in front of enemies on 0 hp, ft will not kill them at all.
I have only tried this on endless (max)

Steps To Reproduce

Build FT on 6.3. Wait until ult. cold fire. you can see many enemies on 0 hp not dying to ft

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2024-05-24 08:02


Screenshot 2024-05-23 220020.png (767,834 bytes)
Screenshot 2024-05-23 214426.png (2,033,822 bytes)


2024-05-24 22:51

trusted_reporter   ~0002484

This should be the same bug as Gauss not being able to kill without nanoparticles (the same situation). The results of previous tests have been that this occurs when there is a vulnerability and the damage is within a certain range.
There is some kind of problem with damage settlement, these enemies will have 1 health left, which has been around since version 1.8.



2024-05-24 22:56

trusted_reporter   ~0002485

No, it may not be the same bug, Gauss can kill the enemy at least the second attack. However, the flamethrower's continuous damage is also not able to kill enemies

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