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Summary0002262: New Tower (Plasma Tower)

I thought about new tower for your game, with its own special abilities. Here's full decription of this tower
Plasma Tower
Shoots different types of projectiles depending on the color of the miner (if there are a lot of them, a random one will be selected, or if the current miner is gone, another one will be selected)
If there are no miners nearby, then it shoots with weak explosive bullets
Scalar Miner - shoots poisonous projectiles that, when they hit the enemy, stick to them and form a poisonous cloud for 10 seconds, but if the enemy has disappeared from the tower's field of vision, then the projectile falls on the nearest road that it can get. AS-70%, D-50%, PS-95% RC-75%
Vector Miner - Releases a ball lightning that has 3 chains to kill enemies, lasts 10 seconds. Lightning clings to the enemy that the tower was aiming at, if the enemy is out of sight, then the lightning explodes with a size of 3 tiles and 300% damage. Also explodes when the lightning duration expires, at a distance of 1.5 tiles and for 150% damage AS-50%, D-55%, PS-75%, RC-80%
Matrix Miner - Places a cluster bomb on the place where it last saw it's enemy, after 5 seconds or when the enemy touches the bomb, it explodes at a distance of 2 tiles, causing fatal damage, if the bomb explodes after the time expires, then the bomb leaves behind 5 mines that deal 10% damage and last up to 3 minutes. AS-30%, D-100%, PS-100%, RC-100%
Tensor Miner - Fires a beam of fire that reduces the freeze effect by 75%, adds a hellfire effect on the enemy that deals 25% of the shot's damage and slows enemies by 35%. AS-100%, D-65%, PS-100%, RC-40%
Infiar Miner - Throws a clot of plasma that flies across the map very slowly and with each enemy hit, the plasma slows down by 10%, when completely stopped, it explodes with 500% damage at a distance of 5 tiles. AS-25%, D-100%, PS-75%, RC-100%
Also If incorrect type if recourse is used (Example: Tower is connected to Tensor Miner, but uses scalar to shoot) it will cost 5x of that incorrect type of recourse
Tower's Characteristics
Attack Speed ​​- 0.5 Shots per Second
Damage - 150
Rotate Speed ​​- 15
Radius - 4
Resource Consumption - 30
Projectile Speed ​​- 0.5 Tiles per Second
(You can tweak it how you want)

I also made upgrade for it!

Upgrades 4-7LVL
1-Productivity - Resource Consumption - x2, Damage x1.5, Attack Speed ​​x1.75
2-Improved Shots - improves each shot, ScalarMiner-Poison cloud +10 seconds,VectorMiner+2 chains,Matrix+2 mines,Tensor-Hellfire slows enemies by 45%,Infiar-Plasma slows by 15% explosion damage + 150%
3-Annihilation Beam - Every 25 Shots fires a red beam that deals 200% DMG, consumes 500% Resources, lasts 10 seconds and has a 5 second wind up cooldown

Upgrade 10-LVL
1-Plasma waste - With each shot, it forms a cloud of plasma around itself, which grows with after each shot, but it disappears over time (0.25 Tiles per second (Each shot adds 0.35 Tile to the cloud radius)) Cloud Slows Enemies by 15 %, reduces all enemy buffs by 15%, deals 2.5% Tower Damage per Second.

Upgrade 20-LVL
1- Ulta - Makes the "Overheat" button active(Button that looks like rotate button in GAUSS tower), when pressed, all miners stop working until the tower has used up all the ammunition, the attack speed of the tower will double, and the damage will increase by one and a half, also the plasma cloud slows down by 50% worse and disappears by 100% faster.
2- Powerful - x1.1 Power

That's all about that tower, you can change stats however you would like, and also rename it, I gave you a suggestion for a new tower for your soon upcoming Infinitode 3.
Also if you want I can suggest even more towers for your game! I have plenty of ideas!
But IDK how to draw them.
If you're confused with something you can ask me in the comments and I will answer them as fast as possible.

Additional Information

I like your game!1! Very good to spend time!1!

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I cloned it just in case it dissapeared (in my view it did)

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