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0002042Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-04-09 16:25
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.8.7 
Summary0002042: Leaving a level while holding "Upgrade" Button crashes the game

Abusing left and right click with mouse will cause a crash by following the steps below. Current game deletes itself afterwards

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter any lvl
  2. Hover above any button that can be hold (with the white circle animation) and hold the button with RIGHT-click
  3. Hit pause and click on "Main Menu" with left-click
  4. Profit i guess? (crash)

The game closes instantly, starting it gives you some crash-info (screenshot)

both left and right clock have to be used in that order, since right-click cant click on "Main menu". Using only left-click doesnt work either since letting go of left-click to click again on "Main Menu" instead activates whatever you were holding (e.g. upgrading all towers), therefore needing to redo step 2 again

Additional Information

The game probably is in its "holding button" event and doesnt know what to do once trying to leave the lvl at the same time. The crash log gives more information than i ever could lol. Done in steam



has duplicate 0002085 closedtherainycat Leaving a level while holding "Upgrade" Button crashes the game 




2022-03-06 02:15


20220306003339_1.jpg (183,108 bytes)
20220306003339_1.jpg (183,108 bytes)


2022-03-06 02:27

reporter   ~0001975

Seems like all replays get deleted too, what

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