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0001924Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-03-18 00:01
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Summary0001924: Clarity problems

A list of (most) things about the game that are not properly explained to the player:

  • XP gain on level selection screen: not specified that it only affects profile XP
  • Profile XP: never mentioned that it's only gained in Normal mode
  • Custom maps: "drawing" mode for placing / removing tiles is only mentioned in old patch notes
  • Custom maps: it's not clarified that excess resources mined are not given to the player after game ends
  • Star research: it being impossible to complete is not obvious
  • Trophies: it's not made clear that effects like "-0.5% towers upgrade price" (Cannon trophy) apply to all towers, not just the one the player got a trophy of
  • Miner double speed: not explained anywhere in the game
  • Towers: holding upgrade or ability button applies this action to every tower of the same type - never mentioned
  • Detailed mode: mentioned only once in one of the tutorial levels, which people often don't pay much attention to
  • Modifiers: players are often unaware of their existence even after unlocking them and often don't understand how to use them
  • Score: its sources are never explained
  • Maps: tile coordinates are not named (what is this random "3:17" in top right corner?)
  • Missile: LRM is not explained
  • Inventory: no mention of the "open 5 / 25 at once" functionality for chests and packs
  • Inventory: 500 bases / portals cap is not mentioned
  • Inventory: "hold to select" not mentioned
  • Stage 6: gems are not explained at all
  • Prestige: no proper introduction
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2021-11-30 11:14

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