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0001815Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2023-03-29 22:49
Reporterharakat Assigned Totherainycat  
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Target Version1.8.8Fixed in Version 
Summary0001815: venom's Poisonous cloud not activating crystal's effect in 6.1

Venom's L10 ability doesn't trigger the purple crystal's effect when destroying them
Which resulted in a platform not spawning

Steps To Reproduce

Damage a crystal really badly with a blast then sell the blast
Place a venom near a crystal keep it busy fighting enemies so it doesn't poison the crystal, feed it with XP
Until L10 wait until the crystal is destroyed by the poisonous cloud damage

Additional Information

I still haven't tried it with other crystal's

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has duplicate 0002026 closedtherainycat Gem enemy killed by Poisonous Cloud didn't create tiles 




2021-07-21 22:39


Screenshot_٢٠٢١٠٧٢١-٢١١٠٤٣.png (486,755 bytes)


2021-12-29 17:32

administrator   ~0001897

These crystals stand at the edge of poison cloud and, technically, may be out of its range (the center point of crystal / enemy is what's considered its place, not a texture)
Does that happen with crystals that stand close to the tower / those whose center is clearly in the range of the cloud?



2021-12-29 18:21

trusted_reporter   ~0001910

Yes it does happen with crystals clearly inside the venom's cloud

Screenshot_٢٠٢١١٢٢٩-١٨١٠٠٤.png (447,124 bytes)


2021-12-29 18:26

administrator   ~0001911

The crystal on your screenshot is also resides on the edge of the cloud - it is 2 tiles away from the tower. I mean, does it affect crystals that are neighboring the tower?



2021-12-29 18:36

trusted_reporter   ~0001912

There were 2 crystals that were inside the cloud but since they were destroyed by the cloud they didn't spawn the attack speed tile and the core and left 2 empty tiles near the tower



2023-03-29 22:49

administrator   ~0002113

Finally fixed.
32 files affected, heh

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