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0001073Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2020-12-16 14:20
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Summary0001073: Game sometimes locks up when creating a building

OnePlus 7, up-to-date OS.
Sometimes when going to create a building, everything freezes apart from the music.
If you tab out from the game at this point, the music's still playing. Lock device, still got music. If you then try to tab back in, you get a black screen, then eventually you might get a crash message.
Been playing for a few days now and it's probably happened about a dozen times.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Tap a tile. For example, a resource.
2) Tap the building you want to place on it. For example, vector miner.
3) Tap it again. Game freezes, music continues.

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2020-12-04 19:25

administrator   ~0001014

Can't reproduce this issue.
It may be caused by high memory usage - try to sell the tiles you don't need anymore and play a regular level after the fresh start of the game (do not open inventory or anything else). I hope that helps, please comment on this issue about your observations



2020-12-08 16:49

reporter   ~0001022

I have this issue as well. Its typically only my 6th or 7th tower or my 3rd or 4th type of tower. Early rounds, so memory shouldn't be the issue. Normally at the start of my day rather than the evenings, so other apps aren't open.

I'll be playing, open the tower menu, click to preview. When I click the second time to build, it freezes. Force close and continue game and it opens about 30 seconds prior to crash.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Version R.1.7.13 Build 129



2020-12-16 14:20

reporter   ~0001031

Ive had similar issues, but a bit more broad. I've had towers that crashed the game when I built them, I've had the game crash from the first tower I built. I've also seen it happen on its own without towers but that could be a separate issue that time. I've very little Idea what causes this or how to reproduce it.

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