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0000564Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2020-12-04 19:08
ReporterGoles Assigned Totherainycat  
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Target Version1.8.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000564: Daily loot sometimes can not give reward after complete quest. (and this broke daily loot)

I complete quest on map 4.7 "mine Vector 260" for daily loot, but I don't get reward for this daily loot and still uncompleted. I can complete this quest again, because this quest already completed.
With this bug I lose my streak. (good that he on long).
P.s. I upload screenshots.

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Unknown, I just complete quest. Maybe random.

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has duplicate 0000568 closedadministrator Daily loot days in a row reset despite getting all the quests 
has duplicate 0000597 closedadministrator Dailly loot not working? 
has duplicate 0000658 closedtherainycat Lost days on log ins 




2020-02-28 18:29




2020-03-07 14:57

administrator   ~0000494

Can you tell me in which version of the game you got this issue?



2020-03-08 08:32

reporter   ~0000503

In versions 1.7.2, 1.7.3. In this versions I could not complete quests for 3 days. Maybe problem was because quests already part of quest condition was completed.
In 1.7.4 I have not seen this problem yet.



2020-03-09 02:42

reporter   ~0000505

This just happened to me. Latest build. I emailed support.



2020-03-09 03:40

reporter   ~0000506

I think I may be having the same problem. I had a 17 day streak and today it is saying zero although I did complete the previous day quest. Unfortunately, that game rolled off my history so I can't verify if I did or did not received the loot.

Screenshot_20200308-211906_Infinitode 2.jpg (1,312,060 bytes)


2020-03-09 04:05

reporter   ~0000508

Similar to issue 0000568

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