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0001139Infinitode 2[All Projects] Infinitode 2public2021-02-05 17:40
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Summary0001139: Allow for portal filtering on custom maps in editor

The ability to get some semi complex filter would be great, but even a simpler one would be helpfull.

complex filter menu:

  • butons for each enemy to toggle(colored) on neutral (grey) or off(red circle crossed)
  • set [a-b] range via drag bar for difficulty (pure luxury this one)

simple filter menu (change sorting algorithm):

  • switch between sorting with priority on difficulty and priority on enemy types (allow to switch the primary and secondary sort you are using atm)

same basic idea could also be used for sorting for portals.
-toggle on off neutral for no research,no abilities and platformwalk
-toggle or filter for each type of stats

Additional Information

If you have an idea to make it more realistic or more userfriendly, post your idea!

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